The Circle IT team, in their final incarnation


Dutslin "Blows Goats" Tinklin
Mike "El Nombre" Duggan
Vince "The Destroyer" Hoffman
Rob "No Euro, you European pigs!" Clayton
Neil "Mind Control" Connolly (How come you didn't stick your face in front of the camera? ) The evil reprobate and neer-do-well :o) can be seen on the right here, defacing the honour of our erstwhile leader.
Simon "Amigas Rule" Miller
Vince and Rob - Vince appearing to be in considerable pain...?
Calum attempting to prop up the intoxicated Mr ClaytonMike, Simon, Vince (just), Calum, Dutslin, Mr C, and Neil.
The Circle IT team? Down the pub? Never...
Dusty and Elena within attacking distance. And what's Neil looking so happy about, stood behind her?!
Vince thinking about killing Mr C
Mike D beaming away
Rob and his mottley men
Rob with a head growing out of his shoulder
Good times :o(
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